Fwd: Scheduled barrier changes Sydney Light Rail
  Greg Sutherland

Dear Stakeholder

ALTRAC Light Rail has announced that the barrier arrangements in all zones across the alignment will start to change by November this year with barriers being moved altogether or reduced. This follows the substantial completion of civil construction.

Precinct and barrier removal completion date:

* CBD North (zones 1-7) - By November 2018
* CBD South (zones 8-12) - By January 2019
* Surry Hills and Moore Park (zones 13-22) - By November 2018
* Randwick (zones 23-27) - By February 2019
* Kingsford / Kensington (zones 28-31) - By February 2019

Where possible we will remove barriers sooner than November. However, barriers will remain around stops and where finishing works, cabling, signalling and systems fit out works are underway.

The good news for residents and businesses is that the cabling, signalling and systems fit out works will be less noisy and intrusive and require smaller work zones. This will also allow you to see how the new CBD and South East Light Rail will look as we move closer to operations.

We will continue to update you on the progress of the current works and as always are available to answer your questions.

For general project enquiries, please emailprojects@... or call 1800 684 490.

Kind regards

ALTRAC Light Rail