Narrabeen R Class - First 5 Photos
  Richard Youl

My sister lives in the Northern Beaches and kindly agreed to stop and take some photos for myself and TDU. Her Camera Club expertise is obvious.

These and subsequent photos will show this restoration to be very nicely done. My only quibbles which may well be rectified in the future are that any tram which lacks lifeguards to me looks ‘naked’ and in the case of Sydney, worse with the lack of the couplers.

I’m not certain where it is in relation the the former tram waiting shed but apparently you ‘Can’t miss it’ in the park on the left side of the road heading north. Incidentally once again the old tram shed is in service having for some years been ignored with the bus stop being a number of metres away. Photos of that later.

If saving or forwarding these photos, kindly attribute them to Margot Best.


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