Does anyone else doubt this ABC story about an "electric shock" from "near" an un-energised tram track?
  David McLoughlin

When I saw this story on the ABC last night, my first thought was that it
was nonsense, and that the "victim" had imagined it (such imagination is a
common pyschological phenomenon).

The "victim" wasn't even walking on the track, which is not part of the APS
system anyway, and has no overhead wire. Any "shock" could not be related
to the track.

If there was an "exposed wire" anywhere, it could not have been a tram wire.

Then I see Dudley has linked a similar piece from the SMH.

The skeptic in me is crying "rubbish.

> A 15-year-old girl has been hospitalised after suffering an electric

shock while walking near an "exposed wire" at the light rail construction
in Sydney's CBD.

Anna Lambden had been at lunch with friends on Sunday when she took off her
uncomfortable high heels and walked towards the train station in wet socks.

As she waited at the intersection of George Street and Ultimo Road near
Haymarket, she felt a sudden shock which felt like pins and needles
coursing through her.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Holy writ requires unholy scrutiny."