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180604M Metro Twitter:
- Metrol.
- rail loop, inc. planning & mural.
- Mordialloc (Jordy Lancaster).

180604M-Melbourne'HeraldSun' - outer loop.

Yahoo is showing no photos in the web version. For those formerly relying
on web viewing: photos are variously at <www.westonlangford.com>,
<www.hcvc.com.au/forum/index>, https://tdu.to, <www.paddleducks.co.uk>,
Metro Twitter https://twitter.com/metrotrains, Age / SMH / Brisbane Times
/ Canberra Times ' WA Today at the links, and
<www.flickr.com/photos/13175590@N00> (for 7 days, search on tag
I have experimented with direct email. The photos don't go through, just a
link to the attachments section at Yahoo. However, that is blank: the last
attachments showing were posted in April.
I will keep the flickr workaround for a while longer. Jeff and I have
chatted re relocating transportdownunder to groups-io. I don't know what
Chris is thinking re vicrail-news.


Mon.4.6.18 Metro Twitter
7.38 Alamein/Belgrave/Glen Waverley/Lilydale lines: Minor delays (an
equipment fault near Flinders Street). Services may run direct to Flinders
- 8.16 Your equipment is so faulty. This is what happens when you shop at
the reject shop.
8.54 Frankston line: Delays up to 20 minutes (an overhead power fault in the
Carrum - Chelsea area).
- 8.59 Your service is hopeless.
- 9.43 Just useless.
- 13.17 Buses replace trains between Mordialloc and Carrum (urgent overhead
works). 12 have been ordered, but may take over 30 minutes to arrive.
- 13.23 Staff at Cheltenham were effective in organising passengers after
terminating a Frankston-bound train.
- 13.36 Any update on ETA for replacement busses at Mordialloc?
- 14.13 Seven Buses are in operation between Mordialloc and Carrum.
- 14.30 Good idea to alternate what trains leave what platform.
- 14.30 Anticipate bustitution until at least 5pm.
- 14.46 What are the "urgent overhead works"? What happened ?
- 13.20 Extended journey of ~25 minutes. Anticipate line suspension until
- 16.14 Can we expect the 16.29 down to be running to Carrum?
- 16.16 Why are the next couple of trains going only to Cheltenham?
- 16.40 Any update on resumption of service? Wondering if I should jump off
for a quick beer instead of waiting for a bus.
- 16.40 I went down the Nepean between Mordialloc and Carrum and saw zero
workers between them doing anything on the rail lines. Just how urgent is
this work?
- 16.44 It's quarter to 5. Surely you know by now how far you can run the
trains on the Frankston line this evening?
- 16.44 So why did the 4.29 down Carrum EXPRESS just stop at Hawksburn?
- 16.45 The urgent work is on a section of the overhead power lines and at
the electrical substation. We currently have 27 buses in operation.
Extended journey of approximately 25 minutes. Anticipating train services
will resume by
6pm. Your suggestion is probably a good one.
- 16.47 Where will by train terminate tonight? 14% Cheltenham; 43%
Mordialloc; 14% Carrum; 29% stuck between Chelsea & Bonbeach.
- 17.00 Train services to resume, with minor delays.
- 17.05 Overhead works have just been completed, power restored and trains
are now resuming.
- 17.06 We've been sitting on train between SC and Flinders for 10 mins. Any
chance of moving any time soon? [this must be a Newport - Frankston direct,
not looped].
- 17.15 Your service should be at Flinders St soon.
- 17.16 Yep, we got there after about 16 mins not moving.
10.39 Route 57 trams in both directions are diverting via Mt Alexander Rd &
Ascot Vale Rd between Stop 20 Melrose St & Stop 37 Union Rd (a power fault
in Racecourse Rd). [Usual management spin].
- Consider Upfield/Craigieburn line trains from Flemington Bridge and
Newmarket; b Bus 404 from Ascot Vale Rd to Moonee Ponds; bus 472 from
Francis St/Union Rd to Moonee Ponds to connect with Route 57 and Route 59
trams at Moonee Ponds Junction. [infrequent buses, inadequate capacity, and
poor connections].
- 11.08 Newmarket: Because of the Racecourse Road underline bridge being hit
by a vehicle, we have a police request to run services through the station
non-stop. [and we didn't say no. Police are as much can't cope, don't try,

don't care as Metro itself].
- 11.22 Montague St bridge, Racecourse Rd is catching you up.
- 11.24 Trains now resume stopping at Newmarket.
- 12.30 Route 57 trams in both directions are diverting via Mt Alexander
Road between Stop 20 Melrose Street & Stop 37 Union Road after a truck
brought down overhead wires in Racecourse Road. Consider trains on the
Upfield/Craigieburn lines from Flemington Bridge and Newmarket Stations.
Other alternative transport: Bus 404 between Ascot Vale Rd and Moonee Ponds,
Bus 472 between Francis St/Union Rd and Moonee Ponds to connect with
diverting Route 57 and Route 59 trams.
- 14.36 Route 57 trams have resumed after an earlier disruption, with
14.07 Major Delays (an equipment fault between Hurstbridge and Macleod).
Services may be held.
- 14.20 Clearing.
16.34 Any reason as to why the 4.35 pm Express towards Flinders St from
Blackburn is running 15 mins late?
- 16.43 It was delayed near Croydon after a dog was hit by an outbound
16.42 South Morang line: Minor delays (an ill passenger at Reservoir).
services may be held.
- 16.47 Might turn into 15-20 min delay. Waiting for an ambulance to assist
with passenger.
- 16.51 Now major.
17.09 Werribee/Williamstown lines: Minor delays due to an operational
incident near Southern Cross. Services may be held.
19.22 Upfield line: Minor delays due to an operational incident between
Fawkner and Gowrie. Please listen for announcements as some services may be
altered/held at short notice.
On 27 May, the City Loop (official name: Melbourne Underground Rail Loop)
celebrated it's 33rd birthday! A selection of flashbacks, including videos.
Integrated transport planning, between road and rail networks became
important in the 1920s, because of an 800% surge in vehicle registrations.
This article outlines how Victoria's rapidly-growing population had changing
transport needs.
Swanston at La Trobe St. The buildings in the background of this photo have
now been demolished for construction of @metrotunnelvic

Melbourne Express, Monday, June 4, 2018.
8:59 Traffic is blocked both ways on Malvern Road between Glenferrie and
Tooronga roads. There are delays up to 10 minutes on the Frankston line
because of an earlier faulty train at South Yarra.
7.51 Lights are working again now on Nicholson Street and Alexandra Parade
after a semi-trailer knocked out tram lines overnight. Delays are easing.
..The former head of EnergyAustralia's retail arm says the energy industry
has reached a tipping point and company behaviour is at an all-time low as
the industry tries to rebuild the perception of electricity retailers.
6.45 Traffic light outages in North Fitzroy are reportedly causing major
delays off the Eastern Freeway.
The lights were disrupted after a semi-trailer carrying an excavator brought
down several tram lines at the intersection of Nicholson Street and
Alexandra Parade.
Chris Miller from VicRoads has told radio station 3AW some lanes may not
reopen for the morning peak. He said motorists should plan for it and exit
at the Chandler instead.
6.06 Police say there were also reports of damage on Johnston Street and
Wellington Street in Fitzroy. Traffic diversions are in place and motorists
are advised to avoid the area.
The 50-year-old driver from The Basin was breath and drug-tested by police.
He's assisting police with inquiries.
6.03 Traffic lights are out in North Fitzroy after a semi-trailer carrying
an excavator brought down several tram lines at the intersection of
Nicholson Street and Alexandra Parade overnight.
The incident occurred just before 8pm. Number 96 trams are back on schedule
after disruptions overnight. Traffic lights are still out at the
intersection but cars are getting through.

Port Phillip Council to debate whether new suburb should be carved out of
South Melbourne
Herald Sun June 4, 2018.
A PUSH is on to create a new inner-city suburb.
A motion to go before Port Phillip Council on Wednesday says the Montague
precinct in the proposed Fishermans Bend -redevelopment should get suburb
Montague, located between the Westgate Fwy and the 109 tram route in South
Melb-ourne, is destined to have a mix of apartment and office towers, as
well as a neighbourhood with "gritty streets and laneways".
An artist's impression of Buckhurst St in Montague under the proposed
Fishermans Bend -redevelopment.
Port Phillip councillor Marcus Pearl said it should become its own suburb
due to "extraordinary population growth and development".
Cr Pearl said it would even-tually have 9244 dwellings, with almost half
"Appropriate naming of the area is essential to identify the location for
managing emergencies and delivering goods and services," his motion said.
Opposition planning spokesman David Davis has accused Planning Minister
Richard Wynne of showing "disinterest" in Fishermans Bend.
Mr Wynne has previously accused the former Coalition government of providing
Fishermans Bend land sellers with windfall gains.
Melbourne University's new Fishermans Bend campus.

Day of judgment on power prices nears 4 June 2018.

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