Re: Today's works around Brunswick Depot - part 2
  Mal Rowe

On 10/06/2018 2:35 PM, Mal Rowe wrote:
> This (long) weekend in Melbourne sees intensive work to replace and repair tracks that give access to Brunswick Depot.


> I have attached a Yarra Trams map showing the areas affected as "Stage 1".

The map is at:

The second part of the post:

At the depot itself, Yarra are patching the points and related track on the crossover connecting the last two roads (10 & 11  - leading to the outside tracks).
First pic shows the work.
Road 11 is used as the terminus for route 6, so it gets a fair bit of wear.

All of these works mean that the depot is isolated until 5am on Tuesday, so trams are stored in Sydney Rd between Moreland Rd and Albion St.
Second pic shows a few trams parked there, being passed by a tram replacement bus.

Mal Rowe - back next week to have a look at Stage 2

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