Gold Coast Future Tram Proposals
  Richard Youl

This interesting article appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin on Friday 8th June. Its good to have a newspaper which has always supported this project, unlike other newspapers in some other cities elsewhere.

To assist readers who do not live here, I have added a few place names to the map. Also the rail line is the fine dotted line.

Note that on the West 1 route proposal to Robina via Varsity Lakes, Varsity Lakes is probably where the tram line is nearest the railway a little to the right of Robina, and if so the rail track presently ends there.

All these developments would be nice, but there remains the problem of money.

What was not mentioned in this article is that there is a group of maybe 30 NIMBYS at Burleigh, the next expected terminus to the south, who have formed to prevent the line going in their region due to the oft repeated predictions of business upsets, losing the ambience of the community etc. However with the present council being in favour of high density housing everywhere, not matter what, their concerns in that direction may be well founded, but not insurmountable.


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