Re: Sydney Intercity trains being delivered don't fit tracks
  Dudley Horscroft

Why should any platforms be lengthened?

The Casino to Sydney train survives though certain platforms are very short. Just an announcement that only the doors at the fore
end of car D and the rear of car B will be opened - or whichever doors they prefer.

IIRC similar announcements were made on the London Underground - the doors on the front carriage and the rear carriage will not be
opened at certain stations.

I have seen on several systems - Manchester trams being one, where a platform is no more than about 3 metres long. Seems

My estimate for the CSELR is that the actual tramway works, including the trams, make up about 25% of the total, and the gold
plating and modifications to utilities make up about 70%, and the rest is just sheer waste.


Dudley Horscroft
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I wonder if they are going to lengthen Zig Zag and Wondabyne platforms?

I suppose that these mods were required to bring the whole network to the same kinematic outline, really it was pity that it was not
done the 1950s.

Also in the budget process the various elements that are third party enhancements for other business units, Govt, departments, etc
are lumped in with the project in question - eg the new tram line in Sydney - what is the true cost of the tramway and how much has
gone into gold plated service renewals for various utilities, many of which may not have been needed and what was the cost of
various urban renewal works that were slipped in?

On the V set replacement project one interesting fix to watch will be the ZZ tunnels, it is not just the walls that are a problem,
as I understand it the floors are a problem again.

Wish they would that the image of the SBB train off the link as it might shows quality and we might we get that sort of quality.

Depressed again by the nongs who run the show.

Bob T

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