Re: ARHS - TMSV Ballarat Tram Farewell Tour tickets
  Andrew Cook

William and Mal,

Attached are a couple of happy snaps taken of the ARHS - TMSV farewell Ballarat trams tour on 21-8-1971 (not 21-9-1971). This was the last fan tour charter on Ballarat tramways, but the SEC ran extra single truck cars (Nos. 26 & 27) on the Mt. Pleasant route on its last day (5-9-1971) as a sort of goodwill gesture to the gunzels and the general public, who managed to rip through miles of film getting the coverage. There were piles of discarded film boxes all along the streets, at the end of that day!

The shots are:

03089--Service tram No. 13 avoids a head-on collision with special trams Nos. 42 and 11 on the Ballarat side of Grant Street loop, Mount Pleasant.

03097--Service tram No. 31 crosses special trams Nos. 26 and 39 at King Street loop, on the Victoria Street line.

Andrew Cook (who exposed a plate or two on the day!).

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On 8/06/2018 11:30 AM, William Jackson wrote:
> Tickets from the farewell to Ballarat Trams tour, 21/9/71

I think I was on that tour - can't find my collection of tour tickets
and notes.

If so, the attached pic was probably made that day.

It shows a couple of delightful litte trams ambling up the most aptly
named Mt Pleasant route towards the terminus.

Mal Rowe - running years behind in cataloguing and scanning

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