Hobart in the early 50s
  Roger Greenwood

Richard Youl commented <I suppose the person who allocated cars to duties

Like the tram crews, the car dispatchers would've known all trams like the
back of their hand. Capacity would have been a factor but others included:

.. Whether a one-man or two-man car was required on a particular

.. Whether a single-decker or double-decker was required on a
particular run/route.

.. Capacity of double-deckers was reduced during wet weather due to
passengers' disinclination to travel upstairs.

.. Prohibition of operating double-deckers on the West Hobart route
due to the possibility of high winds toppling them.

.. Desirability of equalising the newer bogie trams with cushioned
seats over the main routes, especially those with perennial 'wingers'.

.. Whether they dared put on really old double-deckers to move crowds
at sporting fixtures.

Roger Greenwood

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