Re: Hobart in the early 50s
  Matthew Geier

On 08/06/18 14:15, 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder wrote:

> But with such a small fleet I suppose the person who allocated cars to duties would soon know which tram number was for what size of tram.


> This probably is represented in Melbourne by the articulated fleet having different number   series based on differing capacities and maybe even differing maintenance requirements.


In the city of Osijek as an 'interesting' system. The first two digits are the year the car was put into service. The next two are the 'sequence'.
Thus if they obtained a tram this year it would be 1801 for the first delivered, 1802 for the 2nd, etc.

They have a number of 2nd/3rd had trams obtained over quite a spread of years,so trams of the same class don't have similar numbers at all. Same with their T3PVO remanufactured trams. First two digits are the year the returned from rebuilding, but they got some more GT6s in the middle so what we tend to think of as a class number has both T3PVO and GT6 trams in together.