"Sydney Light Rail" nonsense
  David McLoughlin

The Sydney Light Rail folk posted this on their FB page:

"The Queens Birthday long weekend is fast approaching, and there’ll be
extra cause for excitement in Moore Park with track and rail being laid
across the Anzac Parade / Dacey Avenue / Alison Road intersection."

Wondering about their use of "track and rail" for what was obviously the
same thing, I posted this comment:

"What is the difference between "track" and "rail" ? Surely they are the
same thing in this context. The rails are for the tram track. The rails
once laid *are* the tram tracks."

To which they replied by FB Messenger (not on the page post):

"Hi David, good question! The difference between rail and track seems to be
confusing as essenitally they're used in same context. However, best way I
can differentiate is ;A rail consists of two parallel steel or iron rails
that are set at fixed distance to each other, called as gauge. The rails
are connected to each other by railroad ties, can be of concrete or wood
which typically makes up the track which the tram will run along. Hope this
helps. Thanks, M"

Does this make any sense to anyone at all?

I think it's bovine verbiage to be frank.

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"Holy writ requires unholy scrutiny."