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SMe place as you sign up for an average weekly wage of around $270 per week - about 1/6 of the current rate.

Mal Rowe
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BOAC, $700 return to London, where do I sign?

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Hi all,

Here's some happy snaps taken at Footscray on Saturday, 13th October, 1973. They are:

06008--W5 795 at Footscray terminus.

06009--W5 795 turning from Leeds Street into Hopkins Street, Footscray, on a run to Moonee Ponds.

06010--VR 52 arrives at Footscray terminus.

06011--VR 52 at Footscray terminus.


Andrew Cook (then skilled in the use of the 200 mm fixed bayonet lens on the Minolta camera).

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