Sydney's George Street Light Rail is a vanity "toy" for politicians
  Greg Sutherland

I think it would be fair to say we are very fortunate that Broad is no longer involved in Infrastructure NSW.

An economist making uninformed and indeed totally erroneous comments is someone we can well do without.

Mr Broad has long been critical of the light rail project. In 2012, when supervising Infrastructure NSW as its initial CEO, the agency released a report that recommended the state to build a subway bus tunnel in the CBD rather than a light railroad line, claiming it would be faster and more reliable. This claim was ridiculed from all sides by informed commentators and it was shortly thereafter that he was punted from the position of CEO of Infrastructure NSW.

His suggestion that extra buses and more efficient trains would have been better for commuters reveals his total ignorance of the transport issues involved.One of the major concerns involving George Street was bus gridlock and his solution would have been MORE buses!