Re: RE: Re: OT request

I will have another look at 1918 on Wednesday. I'm not stressing but I
always like to get the complete answer.

On 4 June 2018 at 10:43, Tram Gunzle tramgunzle@...> wrote:

> Thanks David and William;


> David - I was looking through the TDU archives (and finding lots of error

> messages and dead links !) when I saw a message about the CM photos,

> including some from Daylesford and Mornington; perhaps I remembered the

> wrong David ! Don't stress too much.

> Thanks again for the Gembrook TimeTable; sorry to be a pain, however the

> information that I am trying to verify differs to that which you provided,

> and rather than call it erroneous I would like to see what other services

> connected with the narrow gauge line. Again, don't stress over it too much.


> William - yes, Peter has a wonderful swag of photos, but none are the

> 'classic' builders type of side-on shot.


> Thank you,

> X=X=X


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cheers and best wishes,
David in
{Before you change anything, learn why it is the way it is.)