Re: Re: The No Place place

Furthermore, nearly 30 years ago I caught a Manly ferry to Sydney from the
docks here, but that's another story.

The voyage was certainly a thousand miles from care but somewhat more than
seven miles from Sydney!

Tony P

On Tuesday, 15 May 2018 23:40:00 UTC+10, Dudley Horscroft wrote:

> But think what the view used to be like. From roughly where you took the

> photo, the earlier view was of a massive fence protecting

> Victoria Dock from nefarious gentlemen, courtesy of the MHT. And behind

> you would have been the decaying yards of the goods

> terminals back of Spencer Street Station. One entrance to the dock would

> have been roughly where the NAB tower is now, and then

> you, after passing the constabulary guarding the dock would have had the

> long, long trek down a most uninspiring road to the

> junction with Flinders Street extension. In the City? Not yet, another

> walk down Flinders Street extension to Spencer Street and

> life. At least, on the way, you passed the Flying Angel and the Melbourne

> Mortuary.


> Walk a bit further and you arrived at the Pieteria - welcome venue where

> one could consume Australia's national dish - before the

> advent of the Pizza Parlour!


> Regards


> Dudley Horscroft

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> > On 15/05/2018 6:57 AM, Prescott wrote:

> >> It's looks like you have a bit of modern Sydney grafted on to the west

> >> end of the Melbourne CBD there Mal! That'll save you a trip north ;)

> >>

> > That comparison did occur to me Tony, but I didn't want to upset the

> > denizens of Australia's biggest city.

> >

> > I should also admit that the (attached) view over "Victoria Harbour",

> > while being pretty good by Docklands standards, is not quite up to

> > Sydney Harbour!

> >

> > Mal Rowe - pleasec to have a tram in the view for Melbourne's little

> > harbour.

> >

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