Re: Re: Tram enthusiasts able to obtain retired fleet
  Mal Rowe

On 15/05/2018 4:44 PM, Matthew Geier wrote:
> On 15/05/18 16:38, David Walker wrote:

>> , but that still leaves nearly 100. Are they so decrepit that they

>> will be left to the white ants, are there other creative uses, or is

>> this just the first stock clearance sale?


> ~100 would be the Z1/2 fleet wouldn't it ?


There is one Z2 (No 101) set aside for heritage, also B1 2001.

There are a few Z1/2 body shells.  They are not in the 134 for the EoI..

All the rest of the Z1 / Z2 are gone already.
The Z3s are being refurbished to extend their life.

Mal Rowe