Re: The No Place place

Docklands is the optimum area for parking, being right adjacent to the CBD
and having land available for parking stations which the older suburbs
don't have and you don't want to encourage street parking in those suburbs
being taken up for P+R. Adelaide is similar with the free zone extended out
to Convention carpark, Perth to east, west and north Perth, Wollongong to
Gwynneville and Fairy Meadow and so on. The free zone needs to have the
parking in its catchment, not least when funded by a parking space levy!
Those carpark owners have to get something in return associated with the
very reason they are being levied with extra tax.

These counter-arguments are run ad nauseum in the Illawarra Mercury letters
by people who don't understand what inner city free transit zones are
about. All we hear is "why can't we get free public transport to our suburb
too?" It would help if the transport agencies actually explianed what it's
all about.

Tony P

On Tuesday, 15 May 2018 13:01:47 UTC+10, Richard Youl wrote:

> City Centre, no problem. Adjacent suburbs (Docklands) not justified.


> By current reasoning, people living in Port Melbourne and other

> city-adjacent suburbs could well feel cheated.


> Regards,



> On 15 May 2018, at 11:19, Prescott lenkap...@... <javascript:>>

> wrote:


> The reason for the fare-free zone in any city is to encourage people who

> insist on driving to the centre to park on the periphery and not congest

> the city centre with traffic. This also means that there are less cars on

> the road, public transport gets a freer run in the centre and patronage

> increases (usually massively), which is only a good thing. Not many seem to

> understand the reasons for fare-free central area public transport

> distributor services. There are such fare-free services or entire zones in

> 10 cities in Australia and scores of them overseas.


> Also don't assume that fare-free means revenue-free. Most of these

> services are funded from a number of sources, not simply general revenue.

> In Perth, Melbourne and Sydney there is a parking space levy that is used

> to finance such services. In other examples, local councils and

> universities contribute to the funding. Wider benefits (including city

> revival) underlie the justification for such services and there are also

> many directly attributable benefits.


> Tony P


> On Monday, 14 May 2018 21:58:50 UTC+10, Richard Youl wrote:


>> And it’s an area full of residents who never pay a fare if working in the

>> city.


>> What a foolish decision to include Docklands in the free fare zone.


>> Regards,


>> On 14 May 2018, at 9:50 pm, Mal Rowe mal....@...> wrote:


>> I had occasion to visit Melbourne's docklands area today and felt like I

>> was in another city.


>> The attached view looks down the western end of Collins St, but it's a

>> far cry from the grand wide street that has been the pride of Melbourne for

>> so many years.


>> This part of Collins St, on the site of the old railway yards beyond

>> Spencer St, is a mere laneway meandering between office blocks devoid of

>> any inspiring design values.


>> It is bounded by small shops whose only customers are bored bank and

>> insurance employees from the boring buildings on their boring lunch break.


>> The green mound at left might have looked nice on some design pad, but it

>> serves no useful purpose for people in the area.


>> Mal Rowe - given Vic Urban an F- for design


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