Re: The No Place place
  Matthew Geier

On 14/05/18 21:50, Mal Rowe wrote:


> It is bounded by small shops whose only customers are bored bank and

> insurance employees from the boring buildings on their boring lunch break.


> The green mound at left might have looked nice on some design pad, but

> it serves no useful purpose for people in the area.

And the building heights and lack of setbacks means the streets are in
shade making them gloomy, particularly in winter.

I live close to a particularly bad example of this in Sydney (Wolli
Creek), where people have found their balcony's less than a metre away
from concrete walls of the next block to go up.

The state government said it was the council's fault for approving them.
The council said is wasn't their fault as the state had taken planning
control off them when the developers claimed the council was stalling.
Neither side wants to take the rap for the planning failure that
resulted in this high rise ghetto.

Mean while the developers have made their profit and walked away.