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  Bob Pearce

Hi all,

An interesting conundrum – in the photo put up by Tony P, the wording on the road shows “Tram Only”, which is fine, but why is the word “Only” first followed by “Tram”?

Given that the word “Tram” is the first word that should be seen, followed by “Only” why do authorities insist in having the words put in the back to front order?

Perth is a past master of this signage as well, with bus lanes marked “Only Lane Bus” in the order that the words are reached.

Is there some theory in existence that because the brain can make out what is meant, it is okay? Or is some other plot at play here??

I am sure that places do the same thing – it surely can’t be just in parts of Europe and Perth, I would think??

BTW, nice pics, Tony. And interesting the trams travel through an operating fountain as well.

Bob in Perth

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Here is a perfect example of a tram number fount - Oslo tram no. 127 passing through a fount!

Tram passing font:


Tony P
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On 12/05/2018 4:18 PM, Tram Gunzle wrote:

I now do my best to speak and spell correctly; no matter how many people say/spell words a certain way, that is not a valid argument that they are right.

.... then you may approve of this signage.

By the way, what a nice example of the signwriter's craft!

Mal Rowe - who reckons those using English as a second language may prefer something simpler