Re: Tram number founts [Was: WANTED]
  Matthew Geier

On 12/05/18 09:55, Andrew Cook wrote:

> M. The stick-on numerals on Australian trams today are probably

> typographical, and I think the former MET used Helvetica Extra Bold

> numerals on its trams at a guess. Sans serif anyway!



I know the Sydney Light Rail numbers were 'San Serif Bold' as that's
what the drawing says. (No font family mentioned, I guess it was
supposed to be obvious ?) Numbers to be 120mm high. Subsequently all the
numbers were covered by vinyl wraps.
The SLR logo appears to have been 'custom drawn' and not based on a
recognised font.

In the historical drawing collection there are 'template' drawings
showing the 'font' to be used. It appears the sign writer would be given
copies of these and this would guide them on what they paint onto the
tram. One set of the drawings specifies the numbers in terms of curve
radii and lines. That one was probably aimed at the draughtsmen doing
the working drawings for the trades.

 The STM does supply reduced quality scans of these drawings for a small
fee (to cover the scanning and preservation costs of the collection) to
modellers who ask. If you are modelling Sydney, contact the STM.