Perth - single truck semi-convertibles
  Mal Rowe

Perth's early trams were Brill design single truck semi convertibles -
with low window sills and large windows - many of them removable in hot

By the time Noel Reed arrived in the 1950s, they were at the end of
their life and he made a picture of 48 beng scrapped at the depot.

There's an interesting collection of bit and pieces around the body -
all of which would now be highly prized by PETS as they restore one of

49 appears to have still been in service in 1952 and Noel's pic shows it
running in to the Depot.

Mal Rowe - looking forward to visiting Perth next year for the COTMA

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46 scrapping PerthDepot 1950s NoelReed  |  1568W x 1050H  | 436.33 KB |  Photo details
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49 PerthDepot 1952 NoelReed  |  1529W x 1050H  | 416.58 KB |  Photo details