Melbourne B1 - the last trip
  Mal Rowe

The Melbourne B1 design (by ComEng) was the first articualted tram in

The first prototype car (2001) entered service in 1984 and today - 12
Nov 2017 - made its last run after 33 years.

The wonderful B2s arrived 3 years later and are easily the best cars in
the high floor fleet.

A couple of pics mark the occasion.

Mal Rowe - grateful to Gareth Lumsden, Brendan Schonfelder and other
organisers of today's farewell

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2001 B1-farewell VictoriaPde 12Nov2017  |  1575W x 1050H  | 720.34 KB |  Photo details
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2001 PlentyRd B1 farewell 12Nov2017  |  1650W x 1047H  | 734.82 KB |  Photo details