Re: Re: IWLR trams shift to Pitt St in Central Station revamp
  Richard Youl

It all reminds me of Newcastle.


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> > Nothing is surprising in NSW. Well, that would get rid of IWLR's only

> > high-capacity terminus. They'll need to make the new one a

> > single-track stub to stop patronage getting out of hand. It fits with

> > the usual longstanding public transport agenda in NSW of kneecapping

> > any public transport service that threatens to become too popular and

> > therefore cost too much to run.


> I used the tram last night to get from Leichhardt to Central last night.

> The tram arrived (at 10pm mind you) at Leichhardt with a decent load

> already. At Star City it loaded to fairly heavy standing load.

> At central 99% of those passengers went STRAIGHT into the 'grand concourse..


> Yep, this is NSW, can have the service being too convenient for

> passengers, they might use it too much. Take an undercover interchange

> that already is a bit far from the suburban platforms most people would

> be changing to and put it twice as far away out in the street. Yep

> that's in improvident in service, NSW style, where 'service

> improvements' are for the developers, not the transport users.