Re: Re: IWLR trams shift to Pitt St in Central Station revamp

It should deter all those pesky passengers who only ride between
Central and Capitol Square or Paddy's Market.

But might it open up possibility of extending the line out towards
Green Square?


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Nothing is surprising in NSW. Well, that would get rid of IWLR's only
high-capacity terminus. They'll need to make the new one a
single-track stub to stop patronage getting out of hand. It fits with
the usual longstanding public transport agenda in NSW of kneecapping
any public transport service that threatens to become too popular and
therefore cost too much to run.
Tony P
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The ABC and the SMH have items today saying the IWLR tracks/terminus
will be shifted from the Railway Colonnade to Pitt Street to make way
for a hotel foyer, in a revamp of Central Station.

As a regular user of both the station and the tram line on my visits
to Sydney, I'd be grateful for any comments/further details.

The SMH website says:

The cost of transforming Sydney's Central Station into a gateway th at
includes a five-star hotel, high-rise towers and a new route for the
inner west light rail line is estimated in leaked documents at just
over $3 billion.
....  They include a proposal to shift the inner west light rail line
[1] from a stop outside the station's grand concourse to nearby Pitt
Street, and constructing three towers of up to about 40 storeys above
a new bus terminal and layover on Lee Street.

The ABC website says:

The hotel plan requires the relocation of an existing light-rail stop
to Pitt Street, creating a turning bay for limousines and taxis
outside a new hotel foyer.

david mcl, Wellington no more