Re: Re: IWLR trams shift to Pitt St in Central Station revamp
  Matthew Geier

On 12/11/17 09:02,prescottt@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:


> Nothing is surprising in NSW. Well, that would get rid of IWLR's only

> high-capacity terminus. They'll need to make the new one a

> single-track stub to stop patronage getting out of hand. It fits with

> the usual longstanding public transport agenda in NSW of kneecapping

> any public transport service that threatens to become too popular and

> therefore cost too much to run.

I used the tram last night to get from Leichhardt to Central last night.
The tram arrived (at 10pm mind you) at Leichhardt with a decent load
already. At Star City it loaded to fairly heavy standing load.
At central 99% of those passengers went STRAIGHT into the 'grand concourse.

Yep, this is NSW, can have the service being too convenient for
passengers, they might use it too much. Take an undercover interchange
that already is a bit far from the suburban platforms most people would
be changing to and put it twice as far away out in the street. Yep
that's in improvident in service, NSW style, where 'service
improvements' are for the developers, not the transport users.