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Hi Tony,

Here’s a case of plenty of police on duty to safeguard R1 1974 when it was commissioned to advertise the Air Force in 1952.

Noel Reed.

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I understand that, although traffic lights had been installed in central Sydney at streets without tramways since 1933, the tramway streets weren't fitted with them until after the tram system was closed, police on points duty being used at these intersections instead. Clearly it was considered impractical in those days to coordinate traffic lights with tram operations. Now it is standard practice (except in Melbourne?).

Tony P

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There was a tram to tram accident in Melbourne about 2010 when a tram turned right across the path of another tram heading on the straight.

The accident report showed that there was no coordination between the tramway point position indication and the road traffic signals.

Some fans have criticised the extensive tramway signalling once used in and around Sydney, but at least proper interlocking ensured that conflicting indications were not displayed on the signals.

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Noel Reed.


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