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In Sydney it was specifically written in the Working Orders that crossover points were to remain in the ‘straight’ positions at each end except when the points at one end were set reverse to facilitate peak period ‘short working’.

Points at crossing loops etc on single track routes were naturally set reverse towards the left hand track but that wear was acceptable. The switch blades at these places were usually lubricated regularly by a per way man with a bucket of used sump oil from buses.

See my picture of per way ganger Tom Stoddart [1892-1964] oiling the points at Boreas Road Hamilton North [near Goninan’s works] on the last day of the Waratah line [and the Newcastle tram system] in June 1950.

See also the point position in my attached 1949 picture of ‘LP’ 360 at the end of double track on Newcastle’s Wallsend tramway.

Noel Reed.

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What surprises me with GC is that mainline trailing points are spring loaded, set for the very rare occasions when they may be needed for a reversing tram. A very wasteful procedure. I need to ask drivers if they even carry a point bar.


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Trailing through tram points against the switch blade position is common tramway practice where switch blades can be repaired by welding.

In Sydney, rarely used crossovers were usually set for the straight on both tracks to avoid unnecessary wear.

Trailing against the switch blade positions at a tramway museum causes gradual wear on the points and wheel flanges. Is it good practice at a museum to invite unnecessary wear which costs extra expense for the volunteers ?

Many US trolley museums use manual non trailable ‘switch stands’ for point operation so points must be set correctly for both facing and trailing movements.

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Do you have a feeling as to whether trams will be stopping before the
facing points, ala Melbourne?

Probably not as they have point blade location detection.

I noticed at the Uni terminus shortly after the system opened, while an incoming tram was 'trailing' the crossover points, the point indicator signal was flipping between 'set for turn' and 'stop' each time a wheel pushed pass the switch blade.

So the driver has advance warning of the blade positions via these lamps, which appear to reflect what the real blade position is, not the commanded blade position.

So they don't have to stop with in visual distance and look at the blades, just see (from a distance) that the right lamp is lit.

The non-connected stub siding, to be connected / has already?

Wasn't this a construction siding ?.
It will be eventually removed entirely if thats why it's there.

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Tom Stoddart. Conscientious to the end
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