FW: R/R1 and P/O capacity
  Noel Reed

My idea was to have each driver of the non MU coupled trams to use portable
'walky - talky' two way radios to allow them to properly coordinate power
and braking.

I didn't intend this scheme to be used with public passengers aboard but for
a photo / video opportunity to demonstrate coupled MU R or R1 trams [or any
other combination of trams ].

Noel Reed

On 11/10/17 11:20, 'Noel Reed'noelreed10@... [TramsDownUnder]

> Could 'MU' operation be trialled with R or R1 trams in a museum

environment by coupling the trams in the normal way and using a driver in
each tram ?

> This type of operation replicates the railway practice of having non MU

compatible locos with or without a train or non MU rail motors with or
without trailers.

I would not like to be the one to sign off on carrying passengers on a
'coupled R' set with out continuous automatic brakes between the cars.

While in the DMU example you cited there were two drivers, co-ordinating
power the old fashioned way with 'dead reckoning and skill', they had
continuous automatic brakes under control of the lead driver.