RE: R/R1 and P/O capacity
  Noel Reed

My idea was to have each driver of the non MU coupled trams to use portable
'walky talky' two way radios to allow them to properly coordinate power and
brking. Ididn.t intend this schem

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> Could 'MU' operation be trialled with R or R1 trams in a museum

environment by coupling the trams in the normal way and using a driver in
each tram ?

> This type of operation replicates the railway practice of having non MU

compatible locos with or without a train or non MU rail motors with

> or without trailers.


I would not like to be the one to sign off on carrying passengers on a
'coupled R' set with out continuous automatic brakes between the cars.

While in the DMU example you cited there were two drivers, co-ordinating
power the old fashioned way with 'dead reckoning and skill', they had
continuous automatic brakes under control of the lead driver.




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