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In most tram systems the engineers decide how fast a tram should be going around curves! Not only because of any safety issues but to minimise track wear. Theyre quite often just guidelines rather than prescriptive and can vary between tram types as I said. The tram manufacturers also set recommended standards and it could constitute a warranty breach if some mishap happens to a tram being operated outside the recommended parameters. Software is also used on modern trams to control cornering speeds.

Tony P
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In the past and still in much of Melbourne, the tram driver was allowed to decide just how fast to go round curves, and did so fast enough to not throw about standing passengers, and I believe that nearly all drivers’ speeds would be faster than what some theorist has set for today.

So you can’t judge the ability of a tram by dictated speeds.

These conservative speeds are applied to the GC line as well although one curve has been poorly built and the front of the tram negotiates the curve in stages rather than one smooth turn. The 25km there is probably justified. Not so elsewhere.