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  Noel Reed

Did I post pictures of the Swiss Gyrobuses which once ran in Ghent Belgium. They also ran in Leopoldville -Belgium Congo.

Anyhow, here they are.

Photographed by me on 120 colour roll film with a Voightlander Bessa camera in 1958.

Noel Reed.


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I've been trying to get a proper handle on this piece of news before posting it here. At first it seemed on crude translation that trolleybuses are being reintroduced to Prague. Then I was advised that it's only battery buses that get a charge from occasional stationary recharge points. This is not really news as Prague has been running some battery buses for a while. However, what it seems is that the eminently pragmatic Czechs are addressing the downtime and battery range problems of battery-electric buses by means of semi-trolleybus operation, that is buses being recharged on the move so that there are no downtime or range issues compromising the operation. The idea would be that the great majority of the operation is off-wire.

This news item in English from August pretty-well covers what's going on at the moment (misleading headline notwithstanding):

Apparently the test section of wiring is now open, buses have been acquired and DPP has released some publicity shots. The four-door bus with poles is a SOR TNB12 body (already widely used in Prague as a diesel bus) with Skoda electricals. The three-door bus with a pantograph is SOR's new body style (ENI12) and again it could be with Skoda electricals but I can't confirm that at the moment. If it isn't, it's likely to be the Czech Cegelec. &oe=5A3 9BC89 &oe=5A7BA3A5

A gratuitous bit of Prague history thrown in by DPP, a good old Tatra T400: &oe=5A7C4E19

There will be a public trial of the new operation with passengers apparently on bus routes 140 and 109. If I get further details I wil l post them. There will be a bit of a show on at the site this Sunday, 15 October, including some historic trolleybuses from the DPP's museum collection.

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