Re: Couplers and Moonee Ponds
  Greg Sutherland

The R/R1s were not designed for MU as this would have significantly increased their cost at a time when there was every effort by the ‘tram haters’ to say that trams were too expensive.Technically the R/R1s were actually inferior to the O class trams!To save costs they were also built with components salvaged from Es, Js and Ks!

The reason for using the comfortable corridor cars was not the more exclusive clientele along the line but rather that the line had the oldest fleet (Js and Ks) of any major line in the metropolitan area and was the last outpost of exclusive four wheel tram operation on any major tram corridor in Sydney.

The line also had a history of small, frequent trams operating rather than the Sydney norm of larger (coupled set) tram operation at a less frequent intervals dating from its origins as a cable tram line.