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  Daniel Bowen

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> The price that was evaluated was for the Coalition promise of 75 new E

> class trams - $A 1,069.2M or $14.25M per tram.


> *However, that price was based on not just the trams, but everything

> needed to expand their numbers.*

> "DTF’s assessment allows for supporting infrastructure including upgrade

> of maintenance facilities, stabling and power needed to support the

> operation of the new trams."


The other thing that sometimes gets included (particularly in Budget
figures) in the costings is running costs over the forward estimates (eg 4

But here's another source that might be useful: an Auditor-General's report
from 2011:

Figure A (page x):

*$272 million contract for design and construction of 50 trams. $537.6
million to be spent on project costs and infrastructure. *

This appears to include design costs, but that would make it $5.44m per