Re: Yay! No More Short Shunting!

The garbage contractor was Veolia. Keolis aren't in that business as far as I know. The reason for the difference in service quality between the two cities is down to the competence of the state agency managing the contract. There are good state public transport administrations in Queensland, WA and SA and poor ones in NSW and Victoria. It's the state agencies that set the rules and standards. The contractor will get away with what they can if the whole show is not ruled with a firm hand. Contracting has a lot of benefits if it's done properly.

Tony P
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I don't know if the Citadis trams have the option of Door Release as well as Door Open but the former is always used on the Gold Coast line. Passengers must press the door button to get on or off, then the door closes after about 10 seconds. Terminus or anywhere.

The contempt shown towards passengers in Melbourne makes me wonder more than ever why this garbage truck contractor was given the job of running Melbourne's trams when it had been done by locals more or less successfully for more than a lifetime.

Incidentally the same mob runs the GC line, perhaps a bit more successfully but staff are also a bit wary of repercussions if they are caught doing something not 100% approved by management.