Re: Yay! No More Short Shunting!
  Yuri Sos

On 12 Sep 2017 06:56:50 +0000, [TramsDownUnder] wrote:

>Why do they short-shunt at Montague, Yuri?

>They were doing that even when Judith and I were living at North Port in 2009.

>We'd be dumped in the rain at Montague and have to walk, especially at night.

Yeah, they like rain, don't they? The muppets at FOC has absolutely NO IDEA what's going on outside their little cubicles and they don't care.

Reason #1: It's to punish passengers for using Yarra Trams.
BTW, the short-shunted trams head back to Box Hill, not into the depot.

Reason #2 - it's the last stop before the crossover on the down side of Montague, so it's "logical" to throw passengers out there, isn't it?
The drivers *never* say that they're short-shunting until they pull up at Montague - this is to prevent passengers from disembarking at Clarendon Junction and staying dry.

While I'm on a rant...... why do the trams sit at Beacon Cove waiting time with the doors open? Tram gets wet and cold in winter, hot in summer, making the barely adequate aircon work even harder than it needs to.