Re: Yay! No More Short Shunting!

Yuri Sos wrote:

> ... but that's Standard Operating Procedure for Yarra Trams who love to throw passengers out at Montague in the pouring rain rather than at Clarendon Junction

Why do they short-shunt at Montague, Yuri? They were doing that even when Judith and I were living at North Port in 2009. We'd be dumped in the rain at Montague and have to walk, especially at night.

One night, a woman in a wheelchair was one of those dumped. She refused to get off the tram, demanding a para-taxi be sent for her. Eventually her friends pushed her home in the rain.

That next tram moments behind never turned up by the time we walked to North Port, but I must say the daytime services were bloody good on that line,

david mcl