Re: Yay! No More Short Shunting!

When I first glanced at your topic my brain read it as "no more shunting". I thought hallelujah. I must have a certain mindset about trams - how surprising! However banning unscheduled short shunts is a start, being a significant detrimental consequence of the ability to shunt, as well as the fightback against AOA. That must surely have come from a certain level of complaints. They need to ban it on buses too though. Why single out trams? But in any case, it will be good to have Melbourne as a base precedent to argue from.

Tony P
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Metro Trains and Yarra Trams win new Melbourne public transport contracts with tougher targets


For Metro trains - no station skipping.

For Yarra Trams - no short shunting - quote "The French-owned Yarra Trams will also be banned from changing its services to meet punctuality standards.".
Punctuality target - Trams will need be on time 82 per cent of the time, up from 77 per cent.