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Prague's public transport is still epic in my view (and moves as many people as Sydney and Melbourne's combined in a city the population of Adelaide) and you can't beat the setting of a 1,200 year-old city. However, after seeing how any innovation is actually implemented in NSW (extremely painfully), I figured it was futile to continue to continue to cite European examples like Prague, Zurich, Munich etc and expect that in Australia, governments could actually lift their endeavours to those sorts of standards.

In addition, Australia has to mount a fightback against automobile use of monstrous proportions, probably unparalleled in few countries (like USA). In Europe they have the same problem, but they didn't let automobiles completely annihilate public transport in the first place, so they have a much stronger base to fight back from.

What is needed is an Australian model to show that it is actually possible for Australians to achieve such things. Thanks to our distant relatives, Western Australians, we have such a model. In addition, it's a beautiful laid-back, culturally rich city to visit, with a beautiful climate and affable, extremely intelligent people to boot. ;)

AND, you can visit PETS at Whitemans Park by public transport all the way, once you discover the historic bus shuttle shuttle from the gate and don't try to walk to the gate on a hot day like I did!

Tony P

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Tony’s love affair with cities has moved from Prague to Perth!!

This morning, my wife was heading off into the city and as is her want, catches the bus to the station. There is an app on I Phones (and I presume other types of smart phones) called Next There.

From this app my wife found she had 5 buses from 3 different routes heading her way within a 20-minute time frame to take her to the station within plenty of time for her train.

I usually park at the shopping centre (4-hour time limit) if I am going into the city but will catch the bus if I am going imbibe in alcohol.

We are very lucky in Perth (many of the buses in our area are newish and of course we only have B sets on our line). All we need is a tram service but our fearless leader promised the voters the world before the state election and all we are ending up with is an atlas.

After a few more sleeps, I will be able to report on the debacle that is the Toronto tram system with their order of new Bombardier trams running years behind schedule. Also, on the way home from Vancouver, I will see Hong Kong trams for the first time as we are having a few days there.

Noel in the best city in Australia for public transport.