Re: ''Too wide and long'': Work starts next year to make line big enough for new trains
  Matthew Geier

On 11/08/17 14:37, Geoffreygnhansen29@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:


> So to bring a Tangara to say Springwood would they just need to replace

> signals and cut the platforms back.

> Would much cutting back of platforms need to be done and if so at what

> stations?

Tangaras (Well 'Outers' and now G sets) already run to Springwood. This
side of Katoomba had the 'gauge enhancement' done some time back - I
believe to allow the outer suburban Tangaras to run as far as
Springwood. The OSTs were subsequently replaced by the OSCARs which are
also medium width.

The only wide set still trafficable is F1 and it's now speed restricted
even when running in it's old stomping grounds as the wide profile
hasn't been respected across the suburban area. (So F1 tends to craw
past platforms to ensure body sway doesn't result in a side-swipe of the




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