Re: ''Too wide and long'': Work starts next year to make line big enough for new trains
  Matthew Geier

On 11/08/17 10:53, Robert Taaffertaaffe9@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:


> Most engineers DO NOT GO into such ventures with their eyes closed and

> you can bet that the track alterations were in the original submission.

That the engineers made.

Doesn't mean the politicians that called for the order to be made even
looked at the engineers report or even cared.
All they care about is the next press release.

Implementation is some one else's problem.

I quite believe that at the political level, originally no money was
allocated for gauge enhancement.

Sooner or later gauge enhancement work would have been needed, the other
two routes out of Sydney under the wires were widened out years ago to
take medium width stock, only Katoomba west had been ignored. Until now.

It wouldn't have been such an issue if Baird hadn't made a song-n-dance
about saving money by buying 'standard off the shelf trains'. By doing
so the politicians have set them selves up for ridicule when the media
latch onto the gauge enhancement works required. So much for cheaper
'off the shelf' trains if you have to spend money else where to make the
tracks fit them.

Even if the whole concept of buying cheaper 'standard' trains is a sound
idea, and that the gauge enhancement really is needed to bring that line
up to a common standard, put the two together with the way the
government went on about their 'savings by using standard trains' and
they have a media feeding frenzy about inappropriate spending and poor
budgeting / project management. Any merits of the original proposals get