Re: ''Too wide and long'': Work starts next year to make line big enough for new trains

Things were not helped by Baird's announcements that we would be
getting "off the shelf" trains.

Once the uneducated opposition and media got hold of the fact that
they might be wider than the V sets, the conspiracies started. Still
going on via Facebook.

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This was all known when I was still on the job. RVX4 was sent over the
mountains around 2009 or 2010 to do a laser profiling run. It
identified the infringements to the narrow as well as the medium
loading gauge. So all was known and the number of tight spots was not
The main two tight spots were through the ZZ tunnels and the western
end of Mt Vic yard at the single slip points. 
Most engineers DO NOT GO into such ventures with their eyes closed and
you can bet that the track alterations were in the original
submission. Things like signal infringements would be dealt with by
replacing an old type signal by an LED as part of upgrades and the
single slip was to be part of a rearrangement of Mt Vic when it was to
be removed and the track centres widened. 
Bob T
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ISTR this issue being discussed here a while back.