Re: [OT?] PCC controller video
  Matthew Geier

On 10/08/17 19:29, Mick Duncankitbuny@... [TramsDownUnder]

> Not hard as the K35 can be used as a 2 motor comtroller and each pair

> would be treated as one motor as far as the controller wiring is concerned


> I guess the arabs wouldnt care about the excessive current in the half of

> the reverse barrel in use.


It's what one does when you have ZERO money for capital or even spares.
Make do with what you have and can build from scratch. It was probably
rewire around a K35 or have no operable tram.

I'd put that under 'adversity is the mother of invention' category.
Like Pyongyang, North Korea, 'de-articulating' their Tatra KT4 trams.
Either remove or replace the bit giving you trouble or have no vehicle
at all.

I gather a number of regional Russian systems have likewise had to make
do with pretty well nothing, so the improvise the best they can and have
come up with some 'weird and wonderful' solutions to their
rolling-stock/spares shortages.