Re: Re: First new tram for Sydney''s $2.1b light rail line finally unwrapped
  Matthew Geier

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> It works fine for Skoda - but you can no doubt ask about that in the

> near future!


Actually Škoda are tricky - at least with the 15T, they detect the curve
angle by body sensors and then drive the outer wheels faster to 'steer'
the bogie through the curve. Škoda have a European patent on the idea -
which is probably why Alstom went for the transaxle approach - no way
they were going to pay license fees to Škoda!

Sydney Variotrams have the 'virtual axle by paired 3 phase induction
motors' idea too - and they are a 1990's design.

It actually looks like the Citadis 503 has real axles on the motor
bogies - so presumably it has ramped floors like the Melbourne E's to
get over the axles.

Alstom seem to be learning what it takes to build a good tram. While
refusing the learn the lessons of the past, they do seem to be learning
their own lessons, and each new family of Citadis is improving on the
prior. The latest variant of the Citadis in Montpelier can cruise at
70km for extended periods on the beach line and exhibit very little hunting.