RE: Sydney Light Rail (CSELR)

Yes of course I didn't mention that there's Lee St first which leads into Regent St.

Randwick Junction is a name only used by the council as a planning precinct and has no formal status other than as an historical name for the former tram junction at the intersection of Belmore and Alison. The historical and formal name of the suburb is Randwick and they wouldn't want to be tinkering with that.

The other issue is that "Royal Randwick" is also the name of the major shopping centre in (pseudo) "Randwick Junction", so those unfamiliar with the area who have arranged to have lunch with a friend at "Royal Randwick" may well find themselves alighting in the wildernesses of Centennial Park. Hopefully it will all be sorted.

I'm hoping they'll build a branchline from "Randwick Junction" to "Shellharbour Junction" station on the south coast rail line so that at least our two newly-misnamed "junctions" in NSW will actually be able to perform the functions promised by their names!

Tony P
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It seems the "Randwick" stop has recently become "Randwick Junction". This is a long way from the original RJ, but the council seems to have applied the term to the whole shopping centre area (but it does not appear as even a locality on any maps I can find).
The street to the right in the old photo is Lee St. Regent St does a dogleg near the Mortuary to terminate at George St, opposite Harris St. The loop is still single track in this photo, without the down connection to George St.