RE: Sydney Light Rail (CSELR)

It seems the "Randwick" stop has recently become "Randwick
Junction". This is a long way from the original RJ, but the council
seems to have applied the term to the whole shopping centre area (but
it does not appear as even a locality on any maps I can find).

The street to the right in the old photo is Lee St. Regent St does a
dogleg near the Mortuary to terminate at George St, opposite Harris
St. The loop is still single track in this photo, without the down
connection to George St.



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Here is a plan showing the proposed stop names, yet to be approved by
the Geographical Names Board:

Here is a render of the Chalmers St stop - the special events platform
is on the right:

v>Here, also to the right, is the special event "platform" in Railway
Square of the former Sydney tramways:
Movements were much more complex then. Some of the railway services to
and from Moore Park and Randwick Racecourse turned at the Railway
Square loop, others used an "around the block" loop via Chalmers,
Eddy, Regent and Cleveland Sts. Regent St heads off at the far right
of this photo. The tram at centre right is on the Regent St Up track.
The tram immediately to the left of it is on the Down Regent St track
but may go either down Regent St or turn into the loop.
Tony P