Re: [OT?] PCC controller video
  Matthew Geier

On 10/08/17 09:22, Tony Gallowayarg@... [TramsDownUnder] wrote:


> Transit Research Corporation was wound up in 1959, Dudley.


> I may be wrong, but I thought VAMBAC was developed by Crompton

> Parkinson after WW2, and the issue with the Blackpool cars was

> excessive power consumption not reliability. One of the differences in

> specification from the ERPCC/TRC patents was the use of 45hp, rather

> than 55hp motors. I also believe one of the anti PCC arguments in both

> Melbourne and Sydney was the power consumption issue as well.


Based on specifications, a Sydney Variotram including air-conditioning
has lower peak power draw than a standard PCC car !

Power economy was NOT a PCC feature.