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  Tony Galloway

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> As for the definition, would a car still be considered a PCC if controlled by a K35 type of controller? This is not fantasy. In 1975 in Alexandria Egypt at least some of their (?ex Washington) PCCs had been downgraded in such a manner.


It would be interesting to see how the 300v motors were wired to the K35 - series would have required all motors in series, while parallel would be series-parallel. Normally it’s the other way around, with series meaning series-parallel and parallel meaning just that.

300v motors were used to increase the range of dynamic braking. If the original wiring on these cars was junked to the extent that a K35 or similar controller could be used they could have replaced the motors with 600v items, and had a conventional K35 traction circuit, with air brakes to do the stopping. I’m pretty sure Washington PCCs were air-electric.

Egypt - the Innovation Nation……

Tony G