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Thanks for that clarification Bob. In any case the planning solution under the 30 year plan is to build more rail lines along more corridors. That will take the pressure off the busiest of the existing lines. Out of interest, how close in a practical sense could headways be brought below that 5 minutes on any of the lines?

I think private car use in circumstances where there is a fully equal or better public transport alternative should be treated like an addiction, like alcoholism, drug or computer game addiction! For some though, there are some reasons like having to drop/pick up kids from child-care centres, go to the shops on the way home etc (many of which facilties are thoughtlessly located well away from public transport nodes). In the circumstances, it's hardly surprising that some simply drive the whole way.

The real solution (apart from throttling road capacity, which is not a vote-winner!) is to quietly throttle the availability of parking facilities at destination. Perth has way too many CBD carparks, a relic of the former unchallenged "car-age". Paying for them apparently doesn't deter people, but not having them at all will. CBD land is too valuable for this sort of use anyway.

Tony P
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9 car sets – I wish !!!

Unfortunately, platforms are built for 6 car sets only – even at PUG and EQY.

Perhaps an issue but also perhaps not.

Trains are full to standing loads only in that short period – say – 7.00 to 9.00 am, and again at 4.00 to about 6.30.

However the maximum anyone is on a train is 48 mins to Mandurah, and 42 minutes to Butler, and the standing loads are somewhat clear from about Cockburn Central in the south and Whitfords in the north.

There are trains in the morning and afternoons at 5 minute intervals Whitfords to Cockburn and 10 minutes from there to the end of the line.

Off peak trains run at 15 minute intervals all day till after 9.00 pm then every 30 minutes.

So, IF there were 9 car sets, for how long would they be used to capacity?

My gut feeling is that the Govt could provide free PT travel, free cups of tea or coffee and hot toast or similar, and the I dots would still travel in their cars because it is more convenient, listen to the radio, talk or text on the hands free (I know – how does one text on hands free? but the morons will try anyway), and still pay anywhere from $15 to $25 per day for parking.

Bob in Perth