Re: [Melbourne] Point indicators and tram signals
  Steven Altham

The 15 speed sign indicates speed without stopping at points the diamond
shows all ok i think if flashing blue circle appears operations centre to
be called before proceeding i not sure as i don't have my rule book at home

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> Can someone explain the difference between the various types of tram point

> signals that have been proliferating in recent years?


> The oldest style seem to be the bar type, with a horizontal, angled, and

> vertical bar, which I assume indicate the lay of the points. They're at

> almost every junction but despite clearly indicating which way the route is

> set, the driver must still perform a compulsory stop before the points to

> double check, which strikes me as a bit unnecessary. I was under the

> impression that the horizontal aspect indicates that the points aren't in a

> defined state, which should be adequate for those situations when the

> points haven't functioned as desired by the driver. Eliminating this rule

> with some sort of positive route locking would speed up movements through

> busy junctions; to the best of my knowledge this rule doesn't exist in

> European (especially German) systems, but I might be wrong.


> St Vincent's Plaza has a different style that has an arrow indication and

> a diamond above that. How does this style differ from the bar type? I asked

> a driver and they said it was because the E-class are too long and foul the

> blades, preventing the compulsory stop that would otherwise be required.


> The newest sort are these double-bar signals, which don't appear to

> indicate points at all. So far I've only seen them at the Nicholson St ×

> Blyth St and Toorak Rd × Glenferrie Rd termini, and they appear to be

> interlocked with the points on the terminating roads.


> There's also a fourth type, which I haven't been able to get a photo of

> yet, that uses amber instead of white LEDs, and shows either a * < * or

> * | * indication. These are only in three locations that I'm aware of:

> outside the NGV where Route 1 branches off, at Domain where the 8 formerly

> branched off, and at St Vincent's Plaza coming from Victoria St. I assume

> this style gives a preliminary indication as to the lay of the points, but

> I don't know for sure.


> Why are there so many ways of communicating essentially the same

> information?


> Robbie