Re: Kilometres on C2 and E class trams
  Matthew Geier

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> The question about the C2s was whether they were taken from a stock of

> unused surplus cars like Madrid or whether they clocked up quite a bit

> of use in the original city. Edinburgh must also have a lot of unused

> or little-used CAFs lying around too!


When Mulhouse opened their 'tram train' service to Thann the Avanto
tram-train units effectively took over one of the routes, rendering some
Citadis surplus to requirements - as their diagrams had been taken over
by Avanto railcars.

Mulhouse would eventually have 'consumed' them, but the opportunity came
up to earn some money leasing them to Melbourne - who eventually
purchased them. The original intention was that they would return and be
used to make up additional car numbers as routes were extended.